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You love to grow. You are a gardener. An Urban farmer. An entrepreneur. Your care about food - how it is grown and where it comes from. Your revel in how it feels, tastes and smells-before, during and after it is prepared. You are an inventor. An innovator. A pioneer.


So are we.


We are an innovative team of engineers, designers and sales people. We are farmers, gardeners and chefs. Located in the High Rockies, Hanging Hydroponics™ is proud to be an American manufacturer. We are passionate about Urban Gardening, We are vertical farmers  experts. Within a 29 grow cycle, we have to be good at what we do.


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Hanging Hydroponics™ recognizes the cultivation, sale and use of marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes, remains illegal and is prohibited under federal law. Hanging Hydroponics also recognizes many states have passed laws that allows the growth, sale and use of medical and/or recreational marijuana.


Hanging Hydroponics ™ encourages adherence to local and/or federal regulations concerning the cultivation, distribution and consumption of cannabis, hash, hemp, herb, pot, reefer and weed whether smoked in bud form, or consumed through edibles.


Hanging Hydroponics ™ realizes grow techniques such as Cloning, Super cropping, and Sea of Green, have widespread application for urban farming and commercial gardeners. For instance, grow techniques, nutrients and light spectrum requirements are the same for Tomatoes as they are for Big Bud Sinsemilla.


Hanging Hydroponics ™ claims no judgment or position on the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana and we do not, in any way, condone the cultivation, sale or use of illegal substances.