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This is hydroponics at its best!  Nothing is easier to grow than greens.  Create your own Farm to Table statement and feed your family and friends with heirloom GMO* free lettuce, micro greens, herbs and vegetables.  Hanging hydroponics makes this easy to use, and gives everyone a green thumb.  Our Aeroponic system grows everything faster, or choose an ebb and flow system to use conventional potted plants, even those you already have.  And now, the solar system grows your food without additional electricity, using only the sun, even the 12 volt pump is driven by solar panels.  Hanging hydroponics is an attractive system that will make a integrated part of your kitchen or restaurant.  Choose from the options on the side of this page, or call us at 720-496-4080 to speak with one of our horticultural specialist to guide you to healthier eating and your contribution to a sustainable planet.


*Start with heirloom GMO seeds from Johnnys Seeds or click this link for a list of preferred seed companies.


**Call us to find out how we can guide you through the solar process.

Single Double Triple

400 watt LED Light

Double Tier Ebb & Flow

Triple Tier Ebb & Flow

Single Tier Ebb & Flow System

No Lights

Single Tier Ebb & Flow System

No Lights

1- 48 watt Fluorescent Light

400 watt LED Light

2 - 48 watt Fluorescent Light

400 watt LED Light

3 - 48 watt Fluorescent Light

• Cost-effective and easy-to-use • Uses 95% less water than conventional farming • Plants grow bigger, better, faster than they do in soil • Great for the back and front of house or in restaurant • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainable foods • Eliminates waste associated with shipping and storing food • Provides your patrons with the quality they’ve come to expect

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